Holistic Approach

“You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the future”.

Jan Glidewell

Holistic Psychotherapy is a school of thought that sees the person as a whole system as opposed to a set of symptoms or illness. It understands that the individual can only be truly understood if all aspects of their being are seen (physiological, spiritual, socio-cultural, environmental, etc). This and other forms of therapy use tools and methods that can assist with emotional wellbeing. It can provide you with coping skills and psycho-education that may enable you to understand yourself better and to address negative mental and emotional states and patterns that cause you pain. The process and type of therapy depend on the therapist and the modality through which the therapist practices.

In my practice, I use traditional modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral, psychodynamic, existential, and humanistic approaches, inner child work, parts work, expressive art, as well as holistic approaches such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, hypnosis, visualizations, exploration of ancestral patterns, and more.

Through a treatment plan that is individualized to your unique needs, I can help you rediscover your inner wisdom and unearth your soul by moving past painful experiences and unhealthy patterns. During our work together it is my hope that you will feel inspired to reach beyond the pain and access your higher, wiser self that already knows who you are and what you need. By understanding, honoring, and transforming pain you can live a life of inspired action. 

My Personal Beliefs

I believe that we are all much more than a diagnosis or set of symptoms. Symptoms are important information (and required by insurance companies), but you are so much more than how you feel right now. We all have an inherent resilience and a desire to grow and be the best we can be. It saddens me when I see the potential that is not realized and acknowledged. We are all born with the potential to be happy and fulfilled. Painful life events can sometimes cause us to lose sight of our purpose, potential and our light. But I believe that with guidance and support that light can shine again.