Energy Psychology


According to the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology:

“Energy psychology…is a [no contact] family of mind-body methods that rapidly reduce stress and trauma while increasing calm. Calming the body (where stress is stored) is a missing key to unlocking rapid change”.

“Energy psychology (EP) methods combine cognitive interventions with somatic techniques that influence the human bio-energy systems such as meridians, chakras and the biofield to elevate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing”.

Energy Psychology such as Emotional Freedom Technique and matrix Reimprinting help to;

  • Process and reduce sx of trauma, anxiety and other clinical disorders
  • Increase ability to living in flow and ease
  • Improving performance in many areas of life
  • Living with greater connection, love and clarity
  • Improve the relationship with yourself and others
  • Shift unhelpful patterns and beliefs

Energy Psychology can be conducted virtually in a safe way and can be scheduled to resolve a particular issue or as part of an ongoing therapeutic relationship.

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