Inspirational Coaching

Authentic Self Discovery and Purpose Manifestation

Welcome! The fact that you are here means that you are ready to step into your soul-inspired life. If you are in need of a more goal-directed approach that keeps you accountable while honoring your pace, coaching can be very effective. I love to help people unearth their passion and move towards their potential. We all have soul desires that often get lost in the responsibilities of daily living. This may leave us feeling like we are going through the motions day in and day out. But it does not have to be that way. We can uncover blocks and shed light on our souls calling.

We consciously create our reality moment by moment so it is important to become aware of what we are creating.  We are either consciously co-creating our reality moment by moment, or our unresolved unconscious debris (thoughts, beliefs, and unresolved emotions) dictates our actions and our future. By releasing the past and living in the moment we can create the future we want. 

What is Inspirational Coaching and how is it different than traditional Life Coaching?

The word “inspiration” is derived from the Latin word meaning to breathe into, upon, or in. To be inspired, then,  is to breathe life into the object of your inspired vision. During a Transformational Coaching session, you will reach beyond the limits of your ego consciousness (fears and limitations) and access your higher, wiser Self that already knows who you are and what you need.

The process is “client-centered” which means that it follows your pace and process and allows space in which to explore and change core beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck and confused. Understanding, honoring, befriending, and transforming resistance into inspired living is a big part of the work.

“Traditional” life coaching deals with identifying and setting goals and the attainment of those goals through action. It may be mostly a cognitive experience, which may be perfect for some. Inspirational coaching utilizes the whole Self (body, mind, and spirit) to create a shift in how you are “being” in relationship to yourself, others, and the world. “Inspirational coaching also works to outline your goals and helps you move towards action. The difference is that the focus is not just on the action steps, but in trusting that correct action will take place organically once you are inspired from within.

How many sessions do I need?

Everyone is different, of course, and it depends on what you are working on. It is important to remember that no matter where you are, Inspiration is possible. It is a process that can take you quickly to re-formation of Self, or it may take some time. Your level of commitment and desire will greatly affect your Inspirational process. You will learn to honor your process and move in integrity with your needs – that may mean full force ahead, or allowing for a slower integration.

Modalities of Change

Hypnosis, Energy Psychology techniques, Reiki, Chakra Clearing, visualization, Expressive arts, and other integrative modalities

I received my certification in holistic coaching from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sophia University) as part of my Doctoral education. 


One way to determine if coaching is appropriate is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has this grief caused dysfunction in my life for a prolonged period of time?

  • Has this grief affected my relationships for a prolonged period of time?

  • Has this grief affected my ability to function at work for a prolonged period of time?

All of the above responses to grief are normal. However, if they last for a prolonged period of time you may need to consider therapy rather than coaching.

Coaching sessions are conducted by video sessions:

The coaching rate is $130/hr. 
Bulk Rate: 4 sessions $400

*Please note that Coaching is NOT THERAPY.
If you are in the midst of a crisis please call 911 and seek the help of a licensed therapist who can help