Since therapy is interactive and relational it requires a level of commitment from you. Therapy is not magic and will only be as successful as your commitment to your healing. In my practice I welcome feedback at any and every part of the process. As this is your process, it is important to verbalize your concerns, needs and thoughts about the process. If I find that additional services would be helpful, I may make recommendations. It is your decision whether to act on those recommendations. I may also assign activities (homework) between sessions, but it is always up to you whether you complete that assigned homework.

Holistic Psychotherapy is a school of thought that sees the person as a whole system as opposed to a set of symptoms or illness. It posits that the individual can only be truly understood if all aspects of their being are seen (physiological, spiritual, socio-cultural, environmental, etc). This and other forms of therapy use tools and methods that can assist with emotional wellbeing. It can provide you with coping skills and psycho-education that may enable you to understand yourself better and to address negative mental and emotional states and patterns that cause you pain. The process and type of therapy will depend on the therapist and the modality through which the therapist practices. It is beneficial and important to choose a therapist that you feel comfortable with. Successful therapy requires trust and honesty and is personal in nature.


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